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* Skin cell regeneration
* Anti-aging
* Skin tone improvement

Efficacy in anti-aging and skin wrinkle improvement by skin cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. Skin tone improves and skin is noticeably smoother after a short period of use.
*Raw material properties only

● Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
* Botox peptide
* Wrinkle improvement
* Anti-aging

AHP-8 is similar to the botox protein and is often referred to as a "botox peptide". Since its introduction in 2002 at the International Society of Cosmetics, it has been widely recognized as a peptide.
*Raw material properties only

● Copper Tripeptide-1
* Repairs damaged skin
* Enhances skin elasticity
* Improves skin texture

The naturally-occurring peptides used are excellent for skin regeneration, wound healing, strengthening skin elasticity, and increasing the subcutaneous fat layer to prevent skin aging.
*Raw material properties only

● Tripeptide-1
* Anti-aging
* Moisturizing
* Skin elasticity enhancing

Promotes fibroblast proliferation, collagen synthesis, new cell growth, and provides skin elasticity to slow down the aging of skin. In addition to hydrating the skin, it alleviates the aging of skin by improving the overall appearance and health of the skin.
*Raw material properties only

● Carnosine
* Skin conditioner
* Anti-oxidation

Carnosine, known as the "miracle peptide", is effective for reducing wrinkles and healing wounds. The EWG hazard grade is 'Grade 0' indicating that it is a very safe ingredient.
*Raw material properties only

● bF.GF
* Dermal cell regeneration
* Promotes collagen and elastin synthesis

Regeneration of skin cells and stimulates gene expression related to skin recovery. Efficacy in skin wrinkle improvement by dermal cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. By stimulation of Hyaluronic acid and elastin synthesis, studies have shown success in skin moisture and recovery.
*Raw material properties only