NANO-TECH products manufactured using 


The size of a billionth of a nano (Nano), is one the size of 100,000 minutes of hair thickness. This size is excellent absorption of a size between a transmission between skin cells makes it easier to absorb in the skin dermis. In addition, by inducing an active ingredient forms a coating of natural lecithin, which tinged with similar components and structure as the membranes of the cells that make up the body deep into the skin promotes the reproduction of the cell. Therefore, strengthening the immune system of the skin cells themselves and to be closer to the underlying skin care process consists of four steps as follows:

similar substances and cells are allowed to easily enter, but rather a material can be almost impossible to pass without passing through the cells in the stratum corneum case. Nanoparticles of materials carried by the (Dual liposome) are to pass into the cell membrane and the cell. 
nanoparticles to stay inside or outside the skin cells, the time and gradually release the active substance activating the skin cells. 
● stabilization of the active ingredient, 
UV, heat, extending the active ingredient which may be easily decomposed when exposed to air by the effect of significantly protect the active ingredient by using nanotechnology to the eye. 
● improve moisture retention 
to form a skin barrier protects the moisture within the skin. 
● same components and membranes 
liposomes are composed of the same components and membranes to protect the oxidation of the active ingredient from external factors. 
● magnetic ring formed 
can be a nano-particles form a magnetic ring is ionized easily transmitted through the skin epidermis.


Nano-products and differences in general petrochemical products

division NT technique using the technique General emulsion technology emulsion technique
Oil Painting Techniques O / W / O / W type of scheme O / W, W / O type of gel techniques particle size
Particle Size 100~150nm About 3000 ~ 3500nm
Emulsion stability Excellent stability over time and temperature Inadequate temperature and aging stability
The stability of cosmetic ingredients preparation Great stability by encapsulating the nano-size The simple addition method in stability by the conditions falling outside
About dermal absorption of cosmetic line Encapsulating the nano-size to increase the percutaneous absorption of the cosmetic ingredients to maximize the efficacy Cosmetic ingredients by simple percutaneous absorption by dansum-addition method is also partially penetrate the weak effect hyoteung